Some selected articles about my work…


The Guardian

Picture the scene: a care worker commuting to the nursing home they work at, messaging on their smartphone, reading a Kindle or browsing the web on a tablet. But when they get to work, all this technology is put away, and the laborious work of taking notes about residents is done entirely by hand, on paper.


Digital Arts

Today, Sky has released its Sky Kids app for iOS and Android, which enables children to watch programmes that are suitable for their age on the tablets their parents believe they own (though most kids have other ideas).

The app was designed by digital agency ustwo – which is best known for the hit game Monument Valley and, unusually for an agency creating a brand app for a broadcaster, has been namechecked often by Sky as the app’s creator. In advance of the launch, I interviewed UX lead Ayesha Moarif and visual design lead Alex Salas-Wardman about the project at us two’s offices in Shoreditch.


Sky Kids

Helping Sky to set up a product team, with a particular focus on user-centered design, meant delivering thoughtful, transformative coaching. We’re proud to have worked so closely with an innovative, forward-looking company helping to create the ideal team to deliver this product. We brought the best of Sky and the best of ustwo together, to form one cross-disciplinary team, working side by side.



Dementia is a big, scary problem. It’s widely understood that the populations of developed countries are ageing. As we live longer, we can expect to be increasingly exposed to dementia, whether it’s someone we love or ourselves. In Britain today, 850,000 people are living with this disease, and by 2025 the figure will increase to over 1 million and continue growing exponentially. It is a universal condition that doesn’t discriminate on socio-demographic measures – everyone is at risk.


Adaptive Lab

Before becoming a freelancer and joining Adaptive Lab, I had spent 8 years working in a world renowned product design agency before realised I needed a change. You might be thinking “but why?!”

I was very comfortable and happy in my role, and I was part of a great team of inspiring and talented professionals in the design/tech industry. I’d never had a reason to change this… and I realised this was exactly why I had to.

From a designer’s perspective, in the past we found ourselves spending loads of time creating specs and guides so that developers could interpret our designs. Now we can immediately communicate all of this with one hotkey! The next big time sink was generating assets – calculating and re-creating every size needed for each platform – now we can export all of this in a few clicks, meaning we can free up even more time for actually being designers :)